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IT Infrastructure Managed Services

IT infrastructure management service (IMS) is about administering and managing technology, information and data in a proactive way. Its scope ranges from the desktop to networking, storage, data, security and cloud-based services.

Why might your business consider outsourcing IMS and what are the benefit:

In addition to simplifying making, reducing cost and improving reporting, an IMS can:

• Response to any IT-related crisis.

• Proactively manage devices and networks in an agile and adaptable way.

• Monitor service performance, detecting when service dips below the required standard.

• Identify threats to your network, responding promptly to mitigate their impact.

• Streamline your business’ day-to-day functions and operations to free-up your in-house IT team to focus more on your business’ overall strategy.

• Reduce downtime by carrying out repairs more quickly.

• Contribute to increasing customer satisfaction and business performance.

Networking & Infrastructure for new offices

If you are looking for new office set up or upgrading office IT as the business flourishes, SBC offers unparalleled expertise in development of comprehensive infra for new office technology. At every step we stay present to optimize your network system. Start from need analysis, designing, implementation, support, we do it for you.

We understand the importance of IT infra for new office set-ups, relocation and infrastructure upgrade. Our experts ensure that your business needs are met and every aspects is covered.

Services we offer:

1. Design and implementation of Passive networks including structured Cable laying, Tray erection, Rack fixing, Termination, Jack Panel, Fiber Laying.

2. Design and implementation of active networks including installation and configuration of Servers, Routers, Switches and Wi-Fi.

3. Security services including UTM Firewall, configuration, antivirus, access control, Surveillance systems -CCTV, PA, Fire and safety ,Biometrics & access control.

4. NAS based back-up & Storage solutions.

5. 24/7 remote monitoring system for system faults.

6. Recognition of system security and compliance issues.

7. Set up of communication systems: Internet Lease line, PRI or SIP Trunk, MPLS, P2P, Telephone, Video Conferencing.

8. Office Automation: Network printer, EPABX, GSM Gateway, desk phone.

9.Antivirus software installation.

10. Technical Manpower Support > Onsite or Remote – L1,L2, L3 Level.

11. Network Audit, IT consultation & Asset management.

Server, Storage & Backup


We offer power full high-end Tower and Rack server. Our server range includes SMB and High-end Series Enterprise servers.

• HPE Server

• Dell server

• Dell EMC Server

• QSAN storage, SAN, NAS and SMB storage

• Huawei Server

• Artificial driven servers

• Cloud servers

OEM Collaboration: Dell, Super Micro, IBM, HP, Lenovo

Storage Devices:

• Best in premises and on cloud storage solution for SMB & Enterprise customer.

• Dell EMC Storage, Dell NAS & Dell SAN.

• WD Enterprise series HD & my cloud Pro series 40 TB PR4100 4 BAY NAS Server (10TB x 4).

• HP and HPE data storage solutions in primes and on cloud, HP NAS & HP SAN.

• Huawei storage solutions.

• Synology Cloud bases and In Premises, storage solutions.

• QSAN storage, SAN, NAS and SMB storage.

OEM Collaboration: Synology, Western Digital, Seagate

Data Backup:

Data is the backbone of most of the businesses in today’s world. It is an Irony that more than 60% of organizations do not have proper Data backup solutions. Most companies realize the importance data backup requirement after an unforeseen incident has occurred.

• We proactively design and implement the Data backup plans for our Enterprise customers.

• We offer in premises data backup, on cloud Data back up and Hybrid data backup solutions.

OEM Collaboration: Acronics, Commvault, Veeam

Network Switches & Router

Routers and switches are core elements of any network and they have grown beyond their traditional role in interconnection. Router and switches have growth very smart now low and mid-range products have features that once were in enterprise data centers. Routers forwards data packet along a network. Routers are placed where two or more networks connect. Switch is a device that connects devices together on a network and uses packet switching to send or receive data.

Key players identified in the global router and switch infrastructure market are

1.Cisco & Cisco Meraki- All series, SMB and Enterprise series, Cisco switches catalyst all series, Cisco switches Nexus all series.

2. HP/Aruba- SMB and Enterprise series.

3. Huawei- SMB and Enterprise series, Data Centre switches.

4. Avaya- SMB and Enterprise series.

5. Juniper- SMB and Enterprise series.

6. D LINK- SMB and Enterprise series.

7. Netgear- Mid and Enterprise series.

Video Conferencing & Boardroom Solution

Video Conferencing Equipment for Any Meeting Room

Video conferencing is increasingly penetrating our daily workflow, moving beyond meeting rooms and invading workplaces and mobile devices. The shift has become possible thanks to ever-increasing transition from pure hardware room systems from Polycom, Cisco, LifeSize, Sparsh, Sony to software and hardware-software solutions. The transition is driven by several factors, but the prime movers are the following:

1. Software video conferencing solutions provide the same functionality at a more affordable price.

2. Software video conferencing solutions provide greater flexibility for workplaces and meeting rooms as compared to legacy video conferencing endpoints, thanks to BYOD approach.

Video Conferencing & Collaboration Solutions are widely deployed throughout meeting rooms and boardrooms across the globe, to provide high quality communication and collaboration between colleagues, customers and clients. Room based video conferencing systems enable organizations to increase efficiency within their business, by dramatically reducing the costs associated with travel, and increase productivity by increasing the quality of communication – no longer needing to be video/audio only, teams can see one another, face-to-face, and instantly share & collaborate with peers and partners in other offices around the globe.

Project meetings, sales meetings, product development meetings, regulatory meetings, overviews and training sessions, board meetings and team updates can all be improved with video conferencing. And unlike other video integrators, Video Centric don’t believe that video replaces face-to-face meetings – we believe it should be used as a way to enhance communication & improve relationships, whilst enabling teams from around the world to seamlessly interact.

Workstation, Laptop, Desktop & Peripheral

We provide workstations, laptops, desktops and peripheral devices manufactured by the leading brands in the market.

We offer a wide range of products by the brands like





Lenovo etc.

Moreover, our wide range of peripheral devices like Mouse, Keyboards, Headphones etc. include high-end products by the brands including Zebronics, Logitech, Boat and other leading brands in the market.