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Digital Signage, Interactive panels & Podium

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Explore Digital Possibilities for your Business in Collaboration with SBC & Firstouch.

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Digital Signage & Standees

Silver Bullet FIRSTOUCH digital signage is equipped with a high definition smart display and a mild steel housing with a powder coated top surface. SBC Firstouch offers its own Make In India 4K digital kiosk, which can be used for: Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality and Restaurant.

What is a Digital Signage or Standee?

Floor standing Digital Signage is known as a Digital Standee. Digital Signage can be a wall-mounted LED panel or a ceiling-mounted LED panel, however Digital Standee is utilised when the signage needs to be kept on kept in a corridor or a platform. At airports, one may clearly see a large number of Digital Standee.

The content in digital signage is driven by a media player or a system chip to deliver the content to the screen. Users can then use the content management system to manage content on site or in the cloud to change content, schedule content, and get time-limited reports.

One of the most important aspects of a Digital Signage network is the back-end software. Transform the boring displays into dynamic and engaging Digital Signage which is easy to use.

Be it Retail, Corporate, Airports or Hospitals, Digital Signage can dissipate information more efficiently allowing your brand to capture 400% more attention of the viewer. Designed for simple until complex applications, our Digital Signage offers the unique combination of Digital Signage Software, Hardware, and Content Services. A centralized network of digital displays for your brand allowing you to create visually appealing and targeted messages for reaching and engaging your audience.

Some of the feature list are as follows:

Cloud Based Solution- Access & Control your Digital Signage network from any corner of the world.

Multi-Platform- Digital Signage Software supports Android, Windows, SSSP Or LG WebOS operating systems.

Load Balancing- Expand your server to handle Excessive Demand from the players by Load Balancing mechanism.

One Stop Solution- Software. Hardware. Content. Customization. Support Sevices. SBC provides solution for all needs under One Roof.

Secured Solution with encrypted communication always- All our softwares with system secured protocols like HTTPS, FTPS/SFTP are used for communication. Maker checker facility for better user management is provided.

Touch Screen Podium/ Kiosk

These products are made in India and are manufactured in all sizes of Touch Screen Kiosk for brands, corporates, or government sectors. Our Kiosks are sleek and stylish which offers a pleasing touch and feel client experience to customers and makes it appropriate for Digital Signage Solutions. Built with Mild steel for safety against vandalism and safety against humid environments, they are crafted with the aid of using professionals with an area saving layout which is simple to move and use. Kiosks actually have a lock and key for protection of inner components like touch screen and other digital devices.

These podiums and kiosks reduce the need of the wooden bulky podiums and additional system to present something to the audience while using the podium. The podium/ kiosk is a product that would make your business digitally prepared to present anything in front of a decent audience.

We at SBC provide solutions for Digital Signage, Standees, Kiosk, Podiums, Interactive Panels etc. to digitally transform your organization.

Interactive Screen or Touch panels

What is an Interactive Flat-Panel Display?

An Interactive Flat-Panel Display (IFPD) is a Touch enabled large layout LED display that is used for collaborative communication. While ordinary LED monitors provide information one-way, Interactive monitors additionally obtain and process data. Widely utilized in Classrooms for teaching, in Conference rooms for presentations and Video meetings, in Training and promotional events, they usually are available sizes 55” upto 98”. There are many useful in-built functions which include Split display, Screen recording, White board, Annotation on presentations and Cloud sharing.

How do interactive displays work?

Interactive Display works on a glass surface positioned over the LED screen, This glass is made multi factor contact via IR or capacitive technology. It works as a substitute of the mouse for cursor and plenty of different features inclusive of writing and erasing. The point of touch with the aid of using a finger or a Stylus breaks the infra-red rays, or the capacitive voltage and sends a signal via the processor which detects the motion immediately. Any precise interactive display need to have a totally fast processor and minimal lag in writing.

Where to use Interactive Display?

Interactive Displays are rapidly replacing regular LED displays as they provide 2-way visible data and feedback mechanism. Today Smart lecture rooms educate college students the usage of Multimedia content material and all of the lectures can, without difficulty, be recorded or shared over cloud. IFPD also are getting used to impart training in Skill centers, Institutes, Defense, Medical and other faculty. Video projectors are being changed with IFPD as those panels are robust, easy to control and service, and they arrive with a lot many functions together with integrated cameras for Video Conferencing.

Video Wall

High Bright Displays for showcasing your products with our video wall. We supply a high brightness video wall with a clear and vibrant display screen and ultra-slim bezel. All screens are available at a wide viewing angle and uniform brightness with steady white balance and fan-less noise reduction. Also supplying convenient UX for Video Wall.

These display walls are available in a wide range of sizes, typically with a screen diameter between 46” and 80”. The choice of the screen size depends on the typical content and the viewing distance. If watched from up close, the pixel density should be high enough to not see the individual pixels. The resolution is subject to the wall size. If for example you want a 4K video wall, you need 4 Full HD screens in a 2 x 2 setup.

Commercial Display

Full HD to Ultra HD Bright Displays upto 98” screen size

SBC Firstouch presents a wide variety of Commercial Displays in India. Get an immersive viewing experience along with amazing audio quality. With a huge variety of screen sizes beginning from 24” - 98” .We've got answers for the complete spectrum of display applications.

What are the uses of Commercial Displays?

Commercial Displays with their High brightness, In-built sturdy processor and robust PCB are generally used for Digital Signage applications. A lot of Print communication on Outdoor advertising is rapidly converting to Digital, because the content material is simple to change and monitor remotely. Another utility turning into very popular is Digital Notice Board. No more paper notices, because the virtual notices are less complicated to control on business displays. So Advertising & Notice board communication indoor and outdoor, is rapidly converting to Digital.

How can we use a commercial display as a TV?

Commercial Display can double up as a TV with the usage of a set-top box or media player, connected via HDMI cable. The Display comes with a remote so that you can effortlessly manage all of the functions. Infact with the Digital Signage software program you could split up the screen – use it partly for TV and partly for promotions. For e.g. in a waiting lobby at a hospital, TV may be played in a single frame, another frame can announce queue numbers for patients. Although in terms of pricing Commercial Display may be high-priced than a TV, due to its excessive durability and long life.

Types of Commercial Displays?

Commercial Displays can be divided in two categories – Indoor and Outdoor. The Indoor Displays could have brightness upto 700 nits. And there are Outdoor Displays which can be 2500 nits bright, with water-proof enclosures. Commercial Displays come with or without in-built CPU, that's generally Android based. Some of them can run on Windows OS as well. The most important source of information is Digital Signage software program which can be common to both. The commercial displays can be wall set up or Floor standing types in panorama or portrait mode.

Info Kiosk with Wayfinding

Information and Wayfinding- Make your visitor experience easier to navigate inside your premises.

Silver Bullet Firstouch Solutions provides information kiosk and Wayfinding solutions for many brands so the customers can directly interact to find store locations in malls or can have a look at products catalogue in retail stores for making purchase decisions.

Benefits of Wayfinding Solution

• Enhance the visitor experience by reducing their time and efforts in finding a way to his desired place.

• Chances are increased for increasing the visibility of advertising the product and offers.

• Cost of labour is reduced who are associated with customer service.