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Data Center, Cloud, Storage and Data Recovery

Keep your data secure and manage small to large amount of data. Silver Bullet Corporation provides you the best solutions for data centers, cloud storage and data recovery.

Data Center Colocation Space, Dedicated Servers and DR (Data Recovery)

• SBC provides collocation space & Dedicated Servers in Tier 3+ Grade Data Centers across the Multiple locations in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad & Tier 2 Cities.

• We have certified product specialists to support Enterprises to migrate servers and applications to any Data Center with zero down time.

• Multiple options of full-rack, half-rack, cage racks are available with us.

• 24*7 remote support for Server & its applications.

• Multiple Power options for all kinds of customer needs & redundancy.

• Dedicated internet connectivity with burstable bandwidth option.

• Based on N+N concept for 100% SLA.

• DR solutions available with different Data Centers and Different Geographies of the world.

Shared Services & VM

• Data Center services on demand- Is a plug and play product of SBC Data Center service. Ready-to-use server within 4 Hour of deployment.

• Guaranteed Server Customization in 4 Hours to use.

• Hosting space in multiple locations across the world. Space available in UK & USA Zones.

• Available VM’S with all kinds of business needs and applications.

SBC Data Center Cloud Services

• SBC Data Center cloud is highly equipped with Azure, AWS, Net magic cloud and other cloud service providers.

• Migration of Data and Application without downtime.

• Easy to migrate assistance from SBC expert team.

• Pay per use model.

• Test your application with us before it goes live.